Monday, October 24, 2011

Dearest Prince Albert, it's so funny that you made that connection with my memory of the fusty pajamas - that association had crossed my mind too, as I thought about what to write of that good-looking guy in the row ahead of me yesterday. Oh sweetheart, I get it. And - guess what - Queen Victoria liked sex, so there. And she didn't do so badly for herself. And she & Albert were very, very happy together.

Dearest, I'm just quickly typing. It's past six, the gloaming already, the day slipped away from me quickly, wrapt as I was with urgent epistolary business with a wonderful bakery. Now, if only I could summon similar urgency & alacrity on pressing issues of a more global nature. I'm capable of it, on rare occasion have reared my head in writing to an elected official - but it's not a habit of mine, not really. Still, KG's endeavor, "off the sidelines" - I do think about it, even if I am still, in certain respects, on the sidelines. Where I prefer to be. And yet - what I write here, at least sometimes, isn't entirely irrelevant - the truth - as opposed to posturing -

I didn't even shower & dress til after lunch; took a walk around here after four. One detail I neglected to mention from yesterday's beautiful drive to & from Rhinebeck - the autumn foliage is resplendent just this time of year.  Driving down the narrow of 9G, along black bifurcated road unspooling, I felt as though I was journeying within a furrowed cleft ceaselessly parting, unmowed tinted fringe at either side, revealing itself to me as I moved deeper into the clutch of its nubile splendor and embrace.

Something like that. And at some point in the day I had my way with you, this time on a Wellsian transgressive narrow Victorian settee, where neither of us was supposed to be, which made it all the better.

And then I vacuumed the downstairs, and set up dinner - pan-fried perch on wilted arugula, farmstand corn -  still to be had, as of yesterday, as it turned out.

And that's it my dearest.

As 9G's lines, far from oblique, head straight north -
here heads my love straight to you - and my kisses -
quick - up in the stars - duck!


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