Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Okay, darling, I'm up in your treehouse sipping wine and - let's see, this fantasy isn't so fully formed yet - we've had fun on your desk chair and on the floor and now since I'm around and you don't need the computer so much anymore I've commandeered it for a few moments while you organize white rioja for us and a handful of salted almonds and for the first time ever in my life if you can believe it but you inspire me so I'm looking at the V's Secret website, not just any old page but the 'Babydolls & Slips' subcategory of 'Lingerie'. Can you believe I'm 52 and it's the first time I'm trying to imagine myself - with a mind to doing something about it maybe - in such a sweet nothing? Really, my miseducation was severe, my re-education belated but - I trust - not too late. I wonder how I would look in an outfit such as that - a little hard to imagine - up in your treehouse that is. Since up there we're more you Tarzan me Jane, me in an imaginary bias-cut leopard print _____ - let's see (donning readers) - what is the proper sartorial terminology? Will my Roget's be of any use in this inquiry? I doubt it. Though at times it seems organized with inspiredly lurid suggestiveness.
And darling, within each subcategory is a catalogue of exhilirating, obsessive, positively Nabokovian ("caress the details") conjugation.

What do you think of this one? I don't know if I could pull it off. But I like it. I'm glad you have polished wood floors in your treehouse, so I don't have to worry about getting stilettos to match, which would only bang up your floors. Oh - you say that you were looking for an antiqued look, otherwise laboriously achieved via if not whips then chains? Okay darling stilettos it will be then, which only helps elevate me no matter what position I'm in. (Memo to Creationists Who Do Not Believe in Evolution & The March Over Time of Increasingly Sophisticated Technology: MiMi is recharging, thanks to batteries, and to rechargers).

Oh right, the image.
You're going to have to make allowances, since I look nothing like that model. But you know what I look like - these days that is, a decided advantage over inconsequential amorphous haunted Annabel-Lee immortality dribbed & drabbed over 36 years - that did nothing for my newly incipient - evolving - bent for lingerie shopping

my darling, so happy to be up in your treehouse
or is it the longed-for hideaway above your garage, either way, interchangeable for me

I was having issues a bit with 1.0's conclusion, as I probably misread it
conflating somehow the theory of evolution
with the dialectics of Hegel
he throws in Kant too - but, man, I don't know, sorry, for my not-up-on-my-Kant-brain that's a lot of throwing around of iconic philosopher references - just for prolegomena
evolution has (as I understand it) to do with adaptation over time to changing circumstances
dialectics & related theories to a very positive notion of "perfectability," a striding towards, over time, the march of time evincing, in fact, what could (in Western hegemonistic terms) be viewed as "progress"

and see? now I'm fading yet again, these concepts become like watery pools to me, as at that beautiful water garden with the lily pods and arches at the back of the Wave Hill Garden - at least as I imagine it from the top of your beautiful little treehouse, just the perfect size, a tiny little house, up in the leaves, regions that mostly only squirrels know, for a Francis Bacon dog and his besotted, intellectually-challenged, zaftig love

but we've evolved to a place where we can tap keys and charge batteries and peruse lingerie catalogs and spritz on Miss Dior and walk and work out and eat right to effect nonsurgical transformations of amazing types

signing off, darling, but not without first, saving a backup copy
yesterday's first post seemed to self-combust, not unlike some contraptions around here, such as the toaster
The Rolling Stones Following the River had been included not for the imagery at all, but because that was the song that ran through my head as I was composing my riff to you
and here in my mind it comes again

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