Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good morning, darling. I woke up early this morning full of warm feeling for you, lying in darkness wishing to express it somehow, so I did all I could at that moment, which was to put my arms around a pillow, stand-in for you, something I used to do as a young girl at night, already in love with -- who was it who I would one day love? I didn't yet know. The feeling remained unabated even as I got up and went about my morning, so I wanted to send you a little message now. I went outside with my camera, walked across the road (in patched-together pink - tee, leggings, cashmere sweater - but who cares? nobody here but us cats and chickens) and snapped a picture of the pair of oaks that have been holding hands for aeons at the rear of the meadow. Earlier, at dawn, diffuse light had gleamed palely behind them, black leaded trees silhouetted against a lustrous band of stained glass fire.
Gwynnie followed me into the road, and indeed back across, and was at my feet, or darting ahead, or up a tree, as I made my way around the house. Startling chickens all the way, I might add, the place is like a miniature Jurassic Park. The chickens are like wingless T-Rexes, galloping away, clucking and squawking worriedly. Imagine T-Rexes making such sounds, only so much bigger & louder! Trees we've planted since we moved here over six years ago are coming along, steadily growing, getting bigger - kindergartners now, getting tall. At the side of the house I spied a little bird,
size of a sparrow, with a long narrow beak. I don't know what it is offhand, a warbler of some kind? And this unprepossessing creature has the most amazing loud musical carillon trill. It sang out over and over again, flinging phrased notes into the blue sky. It made its way around the house exultantly piping, I followed it, and when I last left it it was at the very peak of the roof, facing the stately oaks across the road, seemingly issuing to them its melodious fanfare. And that's it for now, dearest, the night has gone by, from time to time I woke in darkness thinking of you, and I think of you now too as the sun climbs higher and the morning slips away. Many kisses. I hope your day goes well.

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