Monday, August 29, 2011

I think therefore I am. - Rene Descartes

Technology is a way of revealing...i.e., of truth. - Martin Heidegger

So pervasive is the contemporary landscape of this externalized geometry that most of the global population now dwells largely within its own mind. - 1.0

I live in my own mind / Ain't nothin but a good time / No rain just the sunshine / Out here in my own mind... - Lyle Lovett

In my not terribly long list of erotic demands, have I mentioned my preference for actual corporeal presence? - Belle
Hello darling, at very low ebb today for some reason, the day was pleasant yet a little off for me, didn't go quite right. I called 311 to see if the pool would be open and was informed by a spacey clerk who I think made up his answer on the spot, that it would be. I had my doubts (I have my doubts about that 311 line, it's too much of a random pop quiz for city employees staffing the call stations, how could anyone ever expect an accurate answer except to the most basic, frequently-asked questions?) but around 11 I put on my bathing suit and took a walk down there - and sure enough the pool was closed. Later I checked the Parks Department website, what I should have done in the first place - all such facilities were closed today, I have no idea about tomorrow.

Ah, enough solipsism, between Descartes and my ever-so-minor not even misadventure - I enjoyed the walk down there, I half-expected the result that transpired - I got out into the world - Dasein me.

In less solipsistic news, the brownstone neighborhoods in which I'm currently staying were largely spared severe effects of yesterday's storm, but the same cannot be said for the region upstate where I actually live. Though D reports that our house and little neck of the woods - on fairly high ground - came through fine, he didn't report any problems, not even a power cut, which isn't unusual for us at times. But there's severe flooding and damage in nearby counties - Greene, Delaware, across the river - and this morning I was very sorry to learn of the Jobian damage afflicted to the CSA farm to which D & I are subscribers for the first time this year, via the farmer, Jean-Paul's weekly, as always extremely thoughtful, informative and wellwritten newsletter. (I offer the link here; click on "Week 12" for the writeup regarding preparations for, and aftermath of the hurricane.)

It amazes me how much of my life transpires in my own head. I can't even seem to get it together to have lunch with a girlfriend, though she's crazy busy, in ways that I can't even imagine beginning to cope with. I am more on my own, I believe, than E.D. ever was. She had a support system, and family. Well, I have a support system - D's subsidization. And page hits from my beloved muses. The End.

Other than that it's my own mind, and my ability to tap keys.

I started reading 1.0's Chapter 5 and in general terms it reminded me very much of my tenure working in the city bureaucracy... whatever 1.0 wrote about the superbrain in ancient civilizations - I went through in my own way, with its consequences - mixed -
of not subscribing, not being able, constitutionally, to subscribe

I don't know - I'm babbling
I'm just feeling myself very - I don't know the words
1.0's universal analysis - I struggle to understand parts of it
other parts resonate all too closely
arcane & clear, all at once, like a hall of mirrors

thank you for your 18 page hits at 17:43-44
does that mean that you too were having a good time?
that's how I interpret that symbol
of my dreams

love, Alice


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