Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello darling, it is just such an afternoon here as depicted in this beautiful painting. The view is reminiscent of those that one sees from various points in Columbia County, looking westward to the mountains. I'm idly wondering what particular vantage point this painting depicts - it doesn't look like the Hudson. Is it Catskill creek, in a far more bucolic era? Or perhaps the East Branch of the Delaware River, near Margaretville, in the Western Catskills? I don't know. But the light is timeless as ever, as are the immovable crests of oceanic hills.

My darling, how are you? I'm feeling a little restless myself. If you were here, I might suggest we go out. On a number of Thursday evenings over the summer here are tours of Olana, special curator-guided ones at sunset, accompanied by wine tastings. That sounds like a lovely hour to spend, getting an informed behind-the-scenes glimpse of the place, as well as taking in panoramic vistas from Church's eye of the world, at the time of day when the light (other than at dawn, perhaps) is at its most exquisite, the late afternoon hour when the day hasn't quite tumbled into twilight yet, or evening, a silent balancing act when time and temperate air seem to stand still. Perhaps there's a peep of the moon somewhere in the sky, behind the scenes, in its plein air dressing room, awaiting the evening's debut.

And then comes a later hour, when all the colors deepen and redden and darken, alchemically. Oh to be there with you, sipping cool white wine from a plastic cup, smiling at you, basking in the presence of being with you, and with Church, and the moon, and the setting sun, and the mountains, and the prospect of your kisses later in darkness, langorous entwined moments when all earthly light has gone out, just you and me in the car, before you start the engine and we head back to town.

Thomas Cole (1801-1848), River in the Catskills, 1843, oil on canvas, (27 1/2 x 40 3/8 in., Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

view from Olana at sunset (via)

P.S. to 'Lovely Evening' -- I would have embedded the Windmills of My Mind youtube with its haunting imagery and song, but the embed code had been disabled. I for one couldn't figure out a way around it.  Je ne regrette rien - except perhaps that. It would be wonderful to have that clip forever embedded (oh that very word!) in my original post... xoxo

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