Thursday, February 3, 2011

like the circles that you find in the windmills

My darling, feeling much better this morning, my cold is breaking up, it's stopped snowing, and the sun is shining. I'm not pushing it today so that I can be sure to be up for seeing King Lear this evening. Thinking of you very much. Perhaps it's my cold, but this morning I felt a strange sense of detachment, a momentary sense that in actuality I was an incorporeal being from a distant place, spirit contained in my body (for necessity's sake on this planet), looking out my eyes and moving through the house like a ghost. My glance fell on the upholstered chair in the bedroom. It seemed foreign to me - who sits there? The room is well-appointed and comfortable, yet the furnishings felt beside the point, incidental, as though no more than stage scenery. I lay down but felt restless, read a few more pages of Chekhov, and my mind wandered back again - as it does - to you, and there you were, we were together, and I thought how curious it is that I can feel connected to you with such a feeling of immediacy. There's no hope really of us being together, and yet we seem to be able to escape our constraints, take off in our imaginations and thus commune, which led me to think of an image of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, high over London, flying to Neverland, that I'd once posted. A few minutes later I went online and saw that moments earlier someone (you?) had landed on my blog via that very image, which hasn't happened in quite a while. "I was just thinking of that," I said aloud.

Here is another lovely image of Peter Pan and Wendy that I found this morning, one I wasn't familiar with...

Charles A. Buchel (1872-1950), original theatre poster for Peter Pan, 1904 (via)
I wish I could have been able to embed this clip for you (but here's the link) - Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway in a beautiful scene from The Thomas Crown Affair (1968), with Noel Harrison singing Windmills of My Mind...



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