Monday, May 24, 2010

lost in reverie, you are close to me like a symphony raining down on me

Hello darling. Just a quick post to say hi. Feeling tired & a little physically out of it, spacey. Took a long walk at the conservation area in mid-morning, with weights, in sun, building heat, humidity. May have overdone it a bit. I'm fine - just saying. I've been meaning to write down that the last several days I come to a certain wooded glade where the air is suddenly beautifully fragrant, it just surrounds me. I don't see what's in bloom, not at that spot, but in many places elsewhere a fragrant wild brambling rose is beginning to flower. I should have written that Anderson Cooper wasn't "in" a ballcap so much as wearing one. All these tiny copy edits - unfortunately I don't mostly catch them until I've "published" a post, and then I break all sorts of unwritten (or perhaps they're written, and I break them) rules of the blogosphere because I will shamelessly go back to a post and amend, amend, and amend, numerous times. The typeface of a published post looks different from the "preview" form - and my own words read back differently to me, plus formatting issues. Ah well. I know you know all about that, in your patient, scrupulous way. How I marvel at your ability to set your sights on writing a whole book, and then going for it. Apples & oranges of course, I don't mean to compare. And my darling, I meant to remark to you - my goodness your summer sounds intense - that's a very long camping trip, from the sound of it. You mentioned once that you might have liked to be a film director - perhaps the 'Normandy invasion' is a culmination of that aspect of you? I think of an image I sent you once, balloons landing on a beach in Dover (?). (Will have to come back another day to factcheck image & cite proper credit.)

The Miss Dior has entirely worn off, but for my shower this morning I broke open the beautiful verbena soap. So clean and refreshing. I have no idea what sorts of conditions you will face this summer, but if I were to have a wish for you, my beautiful friend, it would be that every morning you may enjoy wonderful hot showers with pure, cleansing, fragrant soap. Ah, frivolous mind of a poetic blogger. I am now picturing not so much Anthropology - as a forthcoming Anthropologie catalogue. Science and Art (and Commerce) meeting indeed. Oh my dearest. Have a wonderful evening. Hitting send - Willie Nile is on - Her Love Falls Like Rain. I love you.

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