Friday, May 28, 2010

bouquet, deconstructed

Iris - I have a message for you

Rosebud - Thou hast stolen my affections

Peony - ostentation

Daisy - innocence

Veronica - fidelity

Salvia - domestic virtues
Cranesbill geranium - Many are lovely, but you exceed all

Good morning darling. The garden is overgrown. The grass has gotten tall in the places we didn't get to before the mower broke down, and weeds have overwhelmed the borders. I may make a bit of an effort this afternoon since it's overcast and on the cool side. This is not the "way to garden." Nevertheless beauty abounds, as you can see from the perennials that are in bloom despite neglect. And there is something lovely in an unmowed lawn - grasses are flowering along with a variety of wildflowers.

Dandelion - smiling on all

(Flower meanings via a floral index to which Emily Dickinson had access)

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