Monday, May 10, 2010

Honey Pie

Hi darling. Have just finished vacuuming upstairs & down and feel entirely spent. Up in the aerie with a glass of rosé listening to a song called Honey Pie. The light is amazing, bright room with flickers. Many random thoughts. How strange an insect stinging me the other day when it did. It's not as though I was in a tiny phone booth. It's a great big airy room. What was it doing right beneath my wrist?

What other random blathers in my all-exhaustedness? Thank you so much Rick for starting out my day with Stella - I loved it. There is something about that song. Whenever I hear it starting up I light up. I run downstairs & turn up the stereo. If I'm in the car I crank it.

On my walk at the conservation area this morning my I thought about what are my top ten favorite KZE songs - just tried to pause and capture them. They're always flowing past and sometimes I'll have heard a song a dozen times & enjoyed it & forget who did it. I stepped along green paths carrying weights in the presence of strong mountains and thought (in no particular order):

Bringdown, Bob Schneider
Her Love Falls Like Rain, Willie Nile
I Can See the Pines Are Dancing, A.A. Bondy
Faithfully, Matt the Electrician
Power of the Heart, Peter Gabriel
Fugitive, David Gray [anything by him, including, yesterday evening, a song on Paul Higgins' Nightshade where, in my slumber, it sounded as if he was actually bleating]
Broken Girl, Allison Moorer
The Indigo Girls song about the harbor needing the jetty for protection & support - Fleet of Hope
I and Love and You, Avett Brothers
Hard to Change - Meg Hutchinson - I totally relate to this song ("And all these things, they feel so hard to change, it used to snow here, now it only rains...")

Also, Lyle Lovett in general. I've been aware of him for at least 15 years and before the last few months I "respected" him. Now he's under my skin, any number of his songs. I get him now - a feeling of simpatico, I'm very happy when a song of his comes on.

I could go on and on. My off-the-top-of-my-head list - I'm leaving out so many wonderful songs & artists that hit me every time. Paul McCartney's For So Long (and I love the timbre of his older voice). Van Morrison, who previously wasn't on my radar so much except for, as Ruth Reichl noted, his pouring quality - now I'm psyched when he comes on.

I enjoy mental trips back to Brookline, summer of '80, Graham Parker, Joe Jackson, and Roxy Music (Midnight Hour). I have a good handle on Nina Simone now. John Lennon speaks to me. Cat Stevens too. Listening to KZE has been a musical education for me.

Breakthrough at the homestead, beginning last night. I can now sleep in a bed and listen to radio. Not either/or, as it had been for months. It didn't matter when I slept wrapped in blankets on the floor in front of the cheerfully lit pellet stove. But with milder weather now I've had to make a choice. KZE doesn't come in on the clock-radios in the upstairs rooms.

D fixed things for me. In the spare bedroom he rigged up the beat-up paintstained boom box, oriented the antenna perfectly, wired it in some way that involves a pair of pliers sticking out, and now I can listen to music on low while lying in an actual bed.

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