Thursday, June 2, 2011

mountains of forgotten dreams

Notes scribbled at the conservation area this morning
glorious day
wind rushing,
swishing, swooshing
through the trees
buttercups mingle
with wild white
air perfumed with
their scent
the breeze carries
their intoxicating scent
sinuous line of mountains
against the sky
like the drawn
line of the back of
a maneless lion
as in the Cave
of Forgotten Dreams

ridge receding
in flickering
recedings to
the disappeared
clouds hang in the
sky like white
hot air balloons
a peaceful invasion
of them unstirred
by the soundfilled breezes below
a single white sailboat
plies soundlessly
up the granite Hudson
the grass is tall
& the mud is hard
fields of tall grass
with straw colored
seed heads ripple
& wave millions of
stalks of grass wave wildly
forming a vast shifting kinetic
the path leads down, takes a
twist & disappears
a bird - black against the sky
dips, swoops
everywhere is green
a fringe of green forest
dead trees - leafless -
stand out like hands
fingers reaching to the sky
remindful sentries
daisies, blinded, stare straight
up into the clear blue

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