Saturday, November 27, 2010

My darling, good morning. Sorry for last night's cryptic post. I was very tired and feeling uninspired (my mind wanted to lie fallow, I think) and yet I wished very much to connect. Finally in desperation I put in a fragment of a dream. Not every post of mine will be a gem of course - but I did mean it in the spirit of a goodnight kiss...

It's morning now though - as Creslyn might brightly say - so stay with me! Gray day so far, though at dawn the bedroom windows (shades drawn, curtains pulled) glowed amber. I lingered in bed amid soft quilts, langorously savoring thoughts of you. I kept waking up overnight, feeling very anxious for some reason  (regretting that inadequate post, most likely - I'm a very serious blogger). I'd plump the pillows, snuggle back in again, and my mind would turn to instant thoughts of you, a gift.  I imagined that we were in each other's arms and when I could make myself believe it - and for blessed whiles, I could - what a joy. You slipped your hands beneath the cashmeres, and I gathered you in to me and kissed you, and felt full and whole in your embrace, in your beswathing weight and in weighted folds and weightless clothes contained, wrapped in darkness calmed, and could drift off again and fall asleep. All through the night I think of you, darling, and sense - I do feel it - that you think of me.
dearest love I've been thinking of you there
husband without the sign
missing you, and longing for you, should I be...
I'll always love you, New York

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